Mymains Cattery was founded in 1977 with the help of Barbara Shaw of OUR Cattery. Mymains is mostly run by Valerie, meaning she does most of the bathing, litter boxes, feeding, etc... Her husband, Richard, is a stay at home guy due to some disabilities, but this is a good thing as he is usually home to "baby-sit" when Val goes to the shows. Our daughter, Jessica, came to help in 1987. She has been a great help in teaching the cats and kittens about active but gentle children. Jessica is learning the cattery and show business too.
The name for Mymains Cattery was suggested suggested by Barbara Shaw, who provided us with our first maine coon female, Our Summerís Sarah of Mymains. "Sarah" was shown originally in CFA and ACFA as TICA was not established yet. As Mymains was the only one of a very few maine coon catteries at the time in the NW Region, Sarah was noticed more by the spectators than the judges at first, but later earned more recognition as the breed increased in popularity. Sarahís first litter in 1980 was sired by ZigKrnís Twirp of Suzeran, thanks to Sue Servies of Suzeran Cattery. And, we were on our way.
Sarahís daughter, Mymains Sarahís Rachel gave us our first boy for stud, Mymains Ben Thomas, his father was Charmalot Iím a Wellie II. "Benís" final litter with DGC Purrocious Kiera of Mymains (a silver classic torbie we are thankful to Sherry Lynn Jones for), gave us our first red silver tabby, GRC Mymains Rubyn. Rubyn is retired now, but his daughter, Mymains Sparklin Wine, a silver classic torbie, is in our breeding program. Her mother was QGC Luvpaws Pasadena Lady of Mymains. "Denaís" second litter with QGC Mymains Still Cruisin also gave us a red silver classic tabby boy, Mymains Sequoyah of Wintersky. Valerie co-owns him with Colleen Wolfe, Wintersky cattery of California.

QGC Luvpaws Pasadena Lady of Mymains

QGC Mymains Still Cruisin
Rubynís sister, Mymains Amber was a tortoiseshell. She gave us Mymains All Summer Long, a brown classic torbie. Amber lives in Portland, OR now in a loving home. "Summer" is now the matriarch of the cattery at 8 years of age. We are planning a final litter from her but are not sure yet of when. Summer, gave us three litters of kittens so far. Her first was with McIncats Dreamweaver, owned by Steve & Karen McInchak and produced the cat pictured on our home page, QGC Mymains Still Cruisin. Cruise is 6 years old now and still making beautiful babies. We are planning on retiring him sometime later this year. More of Summerís children are Mymains Red Hotín Rollin of Ambar (owned by Jean Diaz) and Mymains Tequila Sunrise of Antarcin (owned by Cindy and Terry Stelmaschuk).
Cruiseís daughter, CH Mymains In My Room is a brown classic tabby and has just given us 5 beautiful babies on July 5, 1999, with our newest boy, CH Robiecoon Blue Magic of Mymains(thank you Carol and Robert Robinson of Silvermew/Robiecoons catteries).

CH Mymains In My Room

CH Robiecoon Blue Magic of Mymains
Two brown tabby boys, one brown tabby girl, and one girl and boy blue tabbies. The blue girl will be among our next girls coming up. "Roomiís" mother is Pinecoonís Island Girl of Mymains from Betsy and Dave Tinney of Pinecoon Cattery.
We are proud of our "Summer" grand-daughter that we received back from Cindy & Terry Stelmaschuk. SGC Antarcin Wave Dancer of Mymains is our first whole cat Supreme Grand Champion and what is so special is that she is a girl. The females of the breed usually do not attain this high honor as the boys are as a rule much larger and keep their show form longer because they donít have babies and lose condition.

SGC Antarcin Wave Dancer of Mymains
"Dancer" was 1998 Mid Pacific Region 18th Best Kitten and is 1999 Mid Pacific Region 15th Best Cat. She is a Brown Torbie with white and currently weighs 15 lbs.

Mymains Seamist
"Dancerís" daughter is Mymains Seamist, a silver classic tabby with white. "Mistiís" father is QGC Mymains Long Tall Texan. You can see a picture of "Tex" on the Coonpanion Maine Coon Cattery ( Website. Tex lives as a very much loved alter with Doug Glatz and Pamelle Moulton in Portland, OR.
Misti has 6 new babies, born July 6, 1999, their father being Capecoon Space Cowboy of Luvpaws. There are three boys, one brown tabby with white-two silver tabby with white, and three girls, all silver tabby with white. One of the silver with white boys will replace Cruise when he grows up.
Valerie is happy to answer question from people interested in the Maine Coon cat and can be contacted through email at